Dear players,

we are happy to inform you, that the hosts Epsiche Golf, Troia Golf and Boavista Golf & Spa Resort will be back on 2021 schedule. The tournaments are prodly presented by Edge Golf College!

Please see the 3 tournaments with the following dates at a glance:

25 – 28 April Boavista Junior Golf Trophy:
age classes: U14, GJG Tour (18&under) and 21golfleague (21&under)
tournament website:  

30 April – 03 May Espiche Golf Juniors International:
age classes: GJG Tour (18&under) and 21golfleague (21&under)
tournament website: 

05 – 08 May Troia Junior Classic:
age classes: U14, GJG Tour (18&under) and 21golfleague (21&under)
tournament website: 

A max. of 90 players can participate. Registration is open “first come first served” under the following link: 

For more Info about Edge Golf College located at Troia Golf, please visit their homepage at: 

TRAVEL INFO: It is a players responsibility to check any governmental restrictions in his home country or the country/state the player is planning on to play the tournament. GJG cannot give any info on travel restrictions as these may differ from country to country. Please make sure to inform yourself thoroughly, before you start traveling, that you are aware of any restrictions or guidelines opposed by the government due to the threat by Covid 19.