Juniors can enter a worldwide platform to compete against the nations top juniors. During the season players can participate at multiple events throughout the globe. Each tournaments are setup as a tour like experience and players find themselves in family like atmosphere, so they can focus entirely on their game. Please explore each venue individually for further details.

“Just in time management” is one of the key values or goals, which the partners of GJG are seeking to provide. Amenities such as airport shuttle, players hotel shuttle, long driving outings, college golf seminars from partners, golf academy seminars from the GJG Performance Centers, and many more exciting things are offered at each venue.

Global Junior Golf has set goals to provide juniors with the greatest help to support alongside their golf career. Managing and keeping the GJG player´s profile updated is vital. Always make sure to keep the latest school info or tournament results posted in the GJG account!

The Coaches Area is designed to help coaches of universities to track players, receive scoring info and even have further insight to the player’s profile. Global Junior Golf assists with a consistent venue platform and top players around the world to get immediate feedback about a player’s season career.

For further information about the current GJG season, please explore our Calendar

Benefits of being a GJG member at a glance:

Players can play themselves all the way up to the “GJG American tournament swing”. For more information: please click here
Direct contact to GJG Performance Centers, receive the latest info of any Training-, College-, & Tour preps and Academy programs: please click here
All GJG Events are listed at European Golf Rankings*, WAGR and the Junior Golf Scoreboard (one of the leading ranking systems in the US which is used for College Coaches to track players and get the College recruiting process done)
College Coaches can gain full access through the Coaches Area of Global Junior Golf & track the recent scores of any GJG tournament and review the full players profile of a GJG member

Get started now and become a member at: GJG Registration

*only events in Europe

We are looking forward to welcome you in the GJG community!