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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a GJG member?

Please visit our „Register“ section and follow the steps explained under the following link

How are GJG tournaments ranked? And when will the results appear on the respective ranking institution?

Please chek the Tour Rules to see, which Rankings aapply for a GJG tournament and under which details they becom eligible. 

GJG has no influence on processing times. Please check with the individual ranking institution to receive info, when resluts will be posted.

Which membership do I have to choose when I play at a GJG event providing a U16 & U14 age class?

Players would need to choose the GJG Tour membership.

Where can I book my practice round and sort out the logistics at the respective venue?

Please visit the tournament info page of the respective tournament. A practice round will be booked at the golfcourse directly. Any logistical questions please get in contact with the respective host. He will assist you with your inquiry.

What am I allowed to do as parent during a GJG tournament? Can I caddy?

Please click the following page for more information: Campanion Guide

What is the difference between 21golfleague and GJG Tour?

21golfleague is an age section from 19 – 21 and GJG Tour a section from 12 to 18

Where can I find hotel hotel recommendations from the respective tournament?

Please check each tournament page indivually for further info.

How do I register for an event?

You first need to login to your GJG account and click the respective tournament. Please wait with your travely plans untill you have been confirmed by the host or GJG.

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