IMPORTANT: Due to Corona Virus, at some venues parents or accompany person are prohibited to attend the golfcourse or practice facility on the tournament days and official practice round! Please check at each venue!

Parents/companion checklist while attending a Global Junior Golf Event

  1. Is a parent or companion allowed to caddie at a GJG Event? 
  • Parents or companions are not allowed to caddie for a player during the entire tournament and during the official practice round.
  • A parent/companion is not allowed to give any advice to a player in any golf related topic. Hence conversation with the player should be limited to mere necessities. If necessary, it would be very polite to make other people around hear and understand the conversation in order to avoid misinterpretations. 
  1. How can a parent or companion interact during the tournament or official practice round with a player? What are parents/companions allowed to do during the tournament and official practice rounds?
  • Assist pace of play and position themselves in the driving zone to be a forecaddie. Hand signals are allowed and welcome to indicate whether the ball is found. The parent/companion is more than welcome to
  • handout food or drinks to a player
  • assist in any medical situation
  • applause and give credit to players for good golf shots
  1. Are there any other topics a parent/companion needs to be aware of? 
  • They need to make sure to keep a good distance to the player in order to avoid misinterpretations
  • The use of golf carts is strictly forbidden during the tournament and the official practice round
  • Playing together with the player in the official practice round is forbidden. However, parents/companions can walk with the player(s) while keeping a good distance 

Players must try to stop any caddie activities or advice giving from their parents/companions that happen voluntarily (see Interpretation 10.2a/2). If a player does not do so or actively asks for advice and/or caddie activities the following penalties may apply: 

During the official practice round:

Verbal warning or immediate sending-off the course / end of practice round (without compensation) 

During tournament rounds:

Verbal warning or general penalty for every breach (see penalty statements in Rule 10.2 and 10.3)