The German Futures 2017

„Make your future count now"

Golf Valley has set high goals for the future to become a host of one of the most important junior tournaments in Europe. From the 28th – 31st of August juniors from all around the world will have the chance to participate and play at one of the finest and most challenging golf courses in Germany and be the first in history to tee of at "THE GERMAN FUTURES”.  

Mrs. Evelyn Weichselgartner, CEO of Golf Valley, has made great efforts together with her team and partners to setup the foundation of hosting a Global Junior Golf major event with the highest standards for the participants. The German Futures wants to have an important role alongside a junior golfers career and will be offering an immaculate concept during the tournament week. Spectators, parents and partners will have the chance to look behind the scenes at the "open house days”. 

The following aspects and seminars will be offered: 
-       Seminars about College Golf (Golf Placement Services)
-       Facility inspections
-       Golf and Family day
-       Long Driving Contest
-       Road Show partners will be presenting their latest products
-       Club Fitting with latest products    
-       etc. 

The German Futures will be a 54 hole strokeplay event on the "State of the Art” 27 hole championship golf course, designed by start architect David Krause from Canada. Players will receive immediate Junior GolfScoreboard, EGR and DGV Junior Ranking points. Players will not only encounter one of the longest golf courses in Europe, they will find a fantastic balance between undulated greens, long tee shots, Island greens and walking down the Fairway with a Stadium Course experience.  
Golf Valley is definitely the place to be in South Germany, Bavaria and has many worthwhile reasons besides the golf to plan a trip this upcoming summer. It is an idyll situated between Munich, the Alps and the Tegernsee Lake. Urban Life vs. breathtaking nature! 

Global Junior Golf proudly introduces the people behind the scenes and invite Mrs. Evelyn Weichselgartner as well as the tournament director Mr. Danny Wilde to share the preview of "The German Futures”.    

GJG: Mrs. Weichselgartner, in a bit more than 5 months and you will be welcoming over one hundred players at Golf Valley. What does Golf Valley stand for and why do you believe the German Futures will be an exceptional experience? 
EW: We at Golf Valley were always interested in the "spirit of the game”. Golf as a sport is important to us and we are always supporting ambitioned players. Even if we are still a young club (7 years) we are very proud to see three Golf Valley teams in the second Bundesliga. In addition we have two young players, Sarina Schmidt and Felix Krammer, who are part of the German National Team. Our ambitious course at Golf Valley was built for high-class tournaments and will be in this way an exceptional experience for all young players. Playing and withstanding the challenging course will be an instructive and benefiting preparation for the future career of the young players. 

GJG: Please be so kind to introduce Golf Valley and your State of the Art golf course.

EW: The course was designed by a well-known Canadian architect David Krause and has a unique and very special design for central European golf courses. We call it "Alpen Links” – a symbiosis between a typical and challenging links course character and a outstanding view of the Alps. On top Golf Valley offers huge lakes, extensive waste areas and wide undulated greens and fairways. Golf Valley is located in the beautiful region between the booming Bavarian capital Munich and the idyllic holiday area of the Tegernsee and Schliersee area in front of the imposing Alps. Moreover we are still one of the longest tournament golf courses worldwide – if not the longest one (par 72). Once you played Golf Valley, you will be convinced and impressed by the high standards of the golf course and its aspiration. 

GJG: What amenities will the players encounter and what logistical services will you provide? 
EW: Our main goal is to support the players in the best possible way to make them feel home and to give them the chance to play their best golf. We are offering a full service with our partners and sponsors. Apart from accommodation and shuttle service we are setting up an amazing and unique venue for the players and the spectators. 

GJG: Mr. Wilde, you have been working in the past years with top juniors and watched very closely how juniors grow up in golf and as well what it takes to become a top athlete. Why do you think is it important to get a "Tour Life” experience at a young age and how will the German Futures contribute to their career?
DaWi: In my opinion, to become a professional sports athlete you have to challenge yourself in ambitious competitions. Therefore, experiences in several day tournaments are important to gain social skills and develop personality in tour-like events. 

GJG: If we are not mistaken, you will be offering the first time ever in Germany a separate international U14 age category. As the name "The German Futures” already outlines what importance the future of a junior golfer has, what plans does Golf Valley have for junior golf and what will you give a junior alongside his career? 
EW: Our aim is to support young talents in golf sport in general. We are proud to be one of the clubs with the youngest age average of its members and see this as our responsibility to keep on supporting young golfers. The outstanding success with our two young German National Team players validates our efforts. In this way hosting the German Futures is a logical step for our goals.   
DaWi: The infrastructure at Golf Valley is made for young and talented players in a dual manner: competition and fun. Our academy is especially supporting young and talented golfers and we are very proud at Golf Valley to host the first international youth tournament with 4 age categories (14, 16, 18, 21) in Germany. Our goal at Golf Valley is to establish to be home for upcoming tour players, successful coaches and share the passion for Golf sport with them.  

GJG: What is the most important thing for you in tournament golf? 
DaWi: In my opinion every challenging tournament is the best form of training and needs three main aspects: Fun, Passion and Focus.

GJG: What do you love most about the Golf Valley facility? 
DaWi: hard to say as nearly everything is kind of perfect here. If I have to point out something, I would vote for the nine huge pitching and putting greens that are absolutely outstanding. In addition I love the amazing green speed. 

GJG: A rocket start from the very beginning, what will be the things juniors enjoy most playing on Golf Valley or which challenges does the golf course bring? 
DaWi: In fact our huge practicing area and the course itself at Golf Valley offers all the different aspects of a perfect playing preparation and a challenging tournament.  

GJG: Why have you chosen to be part of GJG family? 
EW: As I outlined before, the promotion of the youth is very important to us and GJG offers the perfect platform for our goals. 
DaWi: The long-term experience of the GJG family in well-organized worldwide youth tournaments. In addition the event will be a memorable experience for the young players. Parts of our staff played and enjoyed the tournament before. 

GJG: Please share your favorite golf holes? 
EW: I prefer our water holes. They are the most challenging ones where the green are often not only surrounded by water but also by huge bunkers. 
DaWi: Play the 17th @ Sawgrass at Golf Valley! Our signature hole offers the experience every PGA Tour player from Tiger Woods to Sergio Garcia experiences every year at The Players Championship. A solid iron shot is essential to find a green surrounded by water and protected by two green side bunkers. Fortune favors the brave being the motto on C7! A good swing is required to find the Centre of the green. Play one of the longest and challenging Par 5's in Europe at Golf Valleys hole number B6, a true 3 shot Par 5 requiring three well thought out shots from length of the tee to managing your layup shot either over the water guarding the approach or leaving yourself a challenging approach over a well-protected green both from water front and green side bunkers right. One of the best Par 5's you'll play anywhere! Play a Par on Golf Valleys C9 and it almost feels like a birdie! A great Par 4 which plays normally into the prevailing wind. A good Tee shot is required to set yourself up for a second shot which requires a well struck iron/fairway wood to a well-protected green which is guarded by water front and green side bunkers. Par here is a well earned result.  

GJG: Which Club will win? The driver, wedge or putter? 
EW: For me it is the putter. On your huge and fast greens you will definitely need a very good feeling with our putter. 
DaWi: We are very proud that you need to be good with any club in order to succeed. To win, you need to be good at them all.

GJG: Speed of greens, is what players most love about on the golf course. Any previews already? 
DaWi: Our Greenkeeper is crazy when it comes to quality of the greens. In practice rounds I would expect 10-11 Feet and we can push them up to 13-14 feet. 

GJG: Which Bavarian expression should any international know? 
EW: Dirndl and Lederhosen which is the traditional dress the people are proudly wearing in Bavaria.  
DaWi: "Servus” or "Gruess Gott” is like a friendly "Hello” and should be said to everybody in the beginning

GJG: The whole area around Tegernsee Lake and Munich has multiple amenities to offer. What do the juniors need to see? 
EW: The impressive mountain front of the Alps. There are many, many beautiful hiking and mountain biking spots where you get to see a stunning view of the mountains and the lakes. 
DaWi: I do not know where to start as the area offers a broad range of sightseeing opportunities like e.g. hiking in the Alps and visiting Munich. 

GJG: What will be the winning scores for girls and boys? 
DaWi: That will depend on weather conditions because on windy days the course can be a beast. 

GJG: Why do you think it is important to start playing golf and what role model should a golfer have? 
DaWi: I would not say it is important, I would rather say starting and playing golf is big fun and develops not only coordinative and movement skill but also mental skills Thank you for your passion in golf and the efforts you make to promote junior golf.

Let´s all "make the future count now” and we are looking forward to see you in Bavaria this upcoming summer! The Global Junior Golf family is growing. For more information about the tournament please visit here and start your registration today: