Latin American Junior Classics

Mexico here we come!!!
Interview with the tournament director, Mr. Roberto Hernandez, of the Latin American Junior Classics.

1. Why do you think it is important to bring international tournaments to Mexico? 
Youth golf in Mexico has grown in the last years. We have many talents that currently shine on the university circuit.It is important that our players have more and better international opportunities, and better that they come to your own country.  

2. Why have you choose to partner with GJG?
FIGis an organization interested in maintaining alliances with world-renowned leagues, certainly Global Jr. Golf is one of them.This allows us to be an international platform to project players to a next level. 

3. What is your goal in setting up two tournaments? 
Greater opportunities for all Mexican, Latin American and North Americanplayers who wish to participate. Benefiting from great prizes such as exemptions to international tournaments, as well as ranking points in the WAGR, and JGS  

4. What will you expect from the tournament?
No doubt these two great events will be a success.The selected venues are 2 of the best and most beautiful cities in our country, the golf courses are in perfect conditions and our team is very enthusiastic to be part of this new project.  

5. Introduce the first venue and qualities, amenities abou
t Cancun?
Cancun is the tourism destination number 1 in Mexico.White sand beaches, a beautiful turquoise sea, world class hotels, international restaurants, nightlife, theme parks and archaeological and historical attractions, are the perfect place to vacation. 

6. Introduce the Mexican hospitality?
We Mexicans are good amphitrions by nature, the joy and frankness , traditions , and delicious food , is an added value for tourists. 

7. Why should internationals should come and visit Cancun or especially Mexico?

It is an excellent opportunity to test their skills in one of America'sbest golf courses at sea level. In addition to enjoying a paradisiacal destination in the Mexican Caribbean  

8. What can players expect about El Tinto Golf Course?
Currently the correct name is"El Tinto Golf Course ” at the Cancun Country Club, is  a world-class experience for all players and families. The  designer Nick Price incorporated naturally occurring water features and elevation changes into his  creation. The course boasts wall-to-wall Platinum Paspalum grass , as well as 84 bunkers and 5 lakes. Mr. Price succeeded in creating within each hole a challenge for golfers of all abilities.

Tournament Info: 
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