GJG is excited to welcome two new host to the GJG family and giving juniors additional possibilities to compete against their peers on a high level at some challenging venues. In late November and in the beginning of December two WAGR, EGR and JGS ranked tournaments will be hosted atEspiche Golf and Boavista Golf & Spa Resort. Each venue has its own character and will give juniors a completely different challenge

The Espiche Golf Juniors International will take place from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December, Lagos, Portugal. 

Age Categories: 21golfleague (21 & under) and GJG Tour (18 & under)

Tournament Info: https://www.globaljuniorgolf.com/espiche-golf-juniors-international/


Only two days later the Boavista Junior Golf Trophy will finish up the 2019 GJG season in Europe from the 4th – 7th of December. Both tournaments will complete the superb 2019 schedule.

Tournament Info: https://www.globaljuniorgolf.com/boavista-junior-golf-trophy/

Age Categories: 21golfleague (21 & under), GJG Tour (18 & under) and U14 (13 & younger; will play from different tee boxes in a separate age group)


It is s especially exciting to see a familiar face coming back as host of GJG events and additionally welcoming a new host to the GJG family. A lot of players will remember Mr. Hugo Pinheiro, as the former director of golf at the Penha Longa Resort, where he contributed in the first years to the great success of the Portuguese Intercollegiate Open and now has been very eager to bring one of the venues to his new home, the Boavista Golf & Spa Resort. Global Junior Golf would also like to welcome a new host to the GJG family: Mr. Frederico Champalimaud, general manager at Espiche Golf, has been immediately excited about the project to bring an event to Espiche Golf and support junior golf on a world stage.

Let’s have a look behind the scenes to meet Mr. Frederico Champalimaud and Mr. Hugo Pinheiro:

GJG: Mr. Champalimaud, thank you for your great support and as you have been a new partner to GJG, we will start with you to give the juniors and their families a better understanding, what they can expect from Espiche Golf, while attending the first edition of the “Espiche Golf Junior International”. Please be so kind and introduce Espiche Golf to the GJG community:

Mr. Champalimaud:Espiche Golf is one of the Algarve’s most recent additions. Located within a nature reserve and just ten minutes from Lagos, this 18-hole, par 72 challenging course was designed to complement the distinctive landscape of the Algarve’s Barlavento by embracing an ecological ethic and sustainability. There is absolutely noconstruction and real estate alongside the course. Each hole is individual and set apart from all the others. Then, of course, there is the modern and award-winning clubhouse. Espiche Golf’s Clubhouse won Golf Inc. Magazine’s “Clubhouse of the Year” Award in 2015 and it was the 1stclubhouse outside the US to pick up this prestigious award. There is nothing like the feeling when you are on the upper level enjoying the sunset and amazing views. 

GJG: Why do you think it is so important to promote junior golf and your venue fits perfectly as a host?

Mr. Champalimaud: Espiche Golf is not a very long golf course with only 5,862 meters from the back tees. It is much appreciate by families as it is playable for many age groups including seniors and young juniors who are traditionally shorter hitters. Low handicap juniors who are accurate off the tee and who are good at course management will enjoy the course, while not very long from tee to green one needs to play smart golf in order to score well.

GJG: Do you have any strategic advices, when playing Espiche Golf?

Mr. Champalimaud: Risks are normally not rewarded in certain holes. Playing safe off the tee normally pays off! Also, we have paspalum grass on the greens which makes putting and particularly chipping quite different from the normal bent grass greens. Spend some time on short game area and putting greens before going out on the course.

GJG: What is your favorite hole on the golf course?

Mr. Champalimaud:My favourite stretch of holes is from 7 to 9. The 7thhole can arguably be the signature hole of the course with a scenic backdrop behind the green of this beautiful par 3. The 8th, a severe dog-leg left, is one of those “love / hate” holes. I personally think it is fantastic! A medium to long iron with a slight draw of the tee and a short wedge onto the right platform of the green will leave you with a nice birdie opportunity. Long hitters will cut the corner and go for the green where an eagle opportunity may arise. But a not so accurate tee shot will put into double bogey or worse territory. The shot into the green of #9, with the clubhouse as a backdrop is the best framed shot on the course, just amazing!

GJG: The Espiche Golf has been awarded in 2015 “WORLDWIDE CLUBHOUSE OF THE YEAR” with the 3rdplace. In general, Espiche Golf stand environmental awareness. Could you share some details on the full project? 

Mr. Champalimaud: Espiche Golf’s Clubhouse and course, built on an ecological reserve in the southern most corner of Portugal, has what the entry calls an “essential ethos of sustainability for a changing world”.  The juncture between sustainability and history is best displayed by architect Nadine Berger’s use of reclaimed materials.

Four judged, with backgrounds in architecture, design and golf, ranked Espiche Golf Clubhouse as being third in the world in the New Construction category. The entries for the Clubhouse of the Year awards were judged on three factors: efficiency, aesthetics and overall design concept, with Espiche Golf Clubhouse excelling in all areas and being recognized for the innovative, sustainable and creative design of the Clubhouse which opened in May 2014.

GJG: What is a must-see place when a junior and his parents travel to Lagos?

Mr. Champalimaud: Lagos is known for its rich cultural heritage, maritime history and for being a welcoming and cosmopolitan location in the Algarve. Lagos Marina is the focus for many activities and the starting point for boat trips to discover the rock formations along the coast and to explore the caves. “Ponta da Piedade” is a must to visit in Lagos. The main city of Lagos is made up of meandering streets with traditional Portuguese “Calçada” cobbles and home to a huge selection of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can try the delicacies of the town. Lagos has also a magnificent Zoo with more than 120 animal species and 200 botanical species from 5 continents and it’s just 15 minutes away from the city centre. There are many historical landmarks and museums to visit in Lagos, including the fortress and slave market museum, However, it is the beaches of Lagos that draw most of the visitors, with Praia Done Ana and Meia Praia being two of the most beautiful beaches in the region and an idyllic location at any time of the year.

GJG: Thank Mr. Champalimaud for your time and supporting with your entire team the project to host an GJG event at you golf course. Players will absolutely enjoy the challenge!

Mr. Champalimaud: We look forward to welcoming the champions of the future in Lagos. Having organized 10 Professional Tournaments (including 4 Portuguese Opens) at other venues I am curious to see how these gifted amateur golfers will handles the challenges of Espiche Golf.


GJG: Welcome back Mr. Hugo Pinheiro! It is great to have you on board again. How do you feel hosting again a GJG venue, but now at your new home the Boavista Golf & Spa Resort? Please be so kind an introduce your venue: 

Mr. Pinheiro: It is with great honor and responsibility that I will be involved again with GJG, and bring these great players to the Algarve. After the huge success of the Portuguese Intercollegiate Open, it will be our main goal to also start something huge at Boavista Resort.

This Resort is a traditional family Resort, where people can enjoy different activities, being one of them the golf. 112 accommodation units in T2 apartment format, one championship course, a fitness & spa centre, tennis courts & football pitch. Therefore, made for everybody, right in the heart of the western Algarve (Lagos).

GJG: Boavista Golf & Spa Resort has a great tradition of hosting professional events. Why do you feel an international junior event should make a stop at your venue?

Mr. Pinheiro: First of all, Boavista golf course is not considered to be a very difficult or demanding course, but due to its unique characteristics, it is very challenging requiring lots of mental game and awareness. Being used to host Portugal Pro Tour events, Im sure all the great junior players will love it. 

GJG: Boavista Golf & Spa Resort has more than 100 brand new renovated apartments, also Fitness area, where players can enjoy their time with their families. You also have been able to provide some fantastic packages for the juniors and their families, while they be staying at your resort (Advertisement: 15 apartments available “first come first serve”: Boavista_Junior_Golf_Trophy_Package_Info_2019). Please be so kind and introduce your resort:

Mr. Pinheiro: As informed previously, Boavista Resort has plenty of options inside, making it a versatile resort. From owners living at our villas to guests staying at our apartments, options are many. 5 minutes from Lagos city, Boavista is the closest resort of the area, increasing this way the offers that the resort already presents.

GJG: A lot of breathtaking views towards the ocean a player can catch whilst playing at Boavista, but where do you think should be the most attention while preparing a strategic plan? 

Mr. Pinheiro: With the range of players we have with GJG, we have to be focused mainly on the course conditions. We have a yearly plan for our maintenance that already covers all course aspects for a competition, but for sure, some weeks before we will need to reinforce that plan. Being a course that have around 42000 rounds a year, maintenance is something crucial for the success of the resort.

GJG: What green speed can the player expect?

Mr. Pinheiro: It will be around 10 feet.

GJG: Why is Algarve such a wonderful golf destination and why should a player attend the Boavista Junior Golf Trophy?

Mr. Pinheiro: Algarve has already a big history in Portugal’s golf tradition. Being nominated several times the best golf destination, Algarve has everything that a golfer needs when traveling for this purpose. What is perfect in the Algarve is that we are prepared for all type of golfers: young people, families, bug groups, seniors, etc.

This being said, it is important to offer the opportunity for these future Pros to experience what the Algarve has to offer, an of course, their parents as well.

Well lets count the days and see you both at a fantastic adventure in November & December! Thank you for taking the time and letting juniors look behind the scenes.