Read this information carefully!


1. If a player wishes to participate at any tournament of the Global Junior Golf Tour or 21golfleague. He needs to setup an account and choose the appropriate membership to participate at a tournament. If he hasn´t setup an account, he can´t participate or register at the designated event. So for example if you would like to participate at the RB German Junior, you need to be a "Global Junior Golf Tour" member. Please have a look at the CALENDAR to find out which is the appropriate membership.

2. Once you have chosen the membership, you will need to fill out an registration form. After this information has been filled out, please click the button "COMPLETE YOUR PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL FOR..."

3. You will be now directed to a payment module of PAYPAL. You can choose to pay either by Credit Card or with a PAYPAL account. Please look for the button "Alternative Payment Method".
Make sure to have your payment information while you are proceeding with the registration process. If you cancel the payment, your registration form will be cancelled and you have to start over and a IT representative has to reset your account and you need to go to LOST PASSWORD, to get your login information for finalizing the payment.

4. After the payment has been completed sucessfully, you will receive login codes, to get access to your membership account. In your account you will register or withdraw for any tournament you wish to attend. 

5. After the end of the calendar year the membership expires. For renewal, please login to your account and choose RENEWAL. After the payment the RENEWAL is completed and you can register again for the tournaments.

6. If you ever loose or forget your password, please go to LOST PASSWORD and you will receive new codes.

We are looking forward to welcome you at a GLOBAL JUNIOR GOLF event.