Your College Roadmap

We know college is important to you, which is why it is important to us, too. BGGA College Planning & Placement has decades of experience finding the right college for students.

BGGA College Planning & Placement works with all Academy students to create an individualized roadmap to reach their goal of studying and playing their sport at the collegiate level. This is accomplished through college planning, athletic recruiting, SAT/ACT/TOEFL registration, academic support and NCAA compliance education. We work with Montverde Academy and Heritage Academy Virtual Campus to monitor student grades, make scheduling recommendations and send transcripts to colleges, coaches and to the NCAA.

Grade 9 - First year of high school
  • - Begin to understand the Core Course requirements and your progression to accomplishing them
  • - Develop strong study habits and commit to maintaining this standard
  • - Put together a time management plan (how much time spent on studying and golf)
  • - Begin to play a challenging but manageable golf schedule 

Grade 10- Second year of high school
- Prepare for PSAT
- Begin SAT/ACT
- Prep and TOEFL prep
- Learn about academic majors and resources
- Have conversations with Heritage Academy and BGGA golf coaching staff and college placement regarding your goals
- Continue to complete Common Course requirements
- Register for NCAA Eligibility Center
- Earn AJGA stars to use for exemption in upcoming summer tournaments 

Grade 11- Third year of high school
- Take the SAT or ACT
- Take the TOEFL exam (if necessary)Maintain best GPA possible
- September 1st of Grade 11, college coaches may email prospective student athletes
- Take unofficial college visits (unlimited allowed under NCAA regulations)
- Continue to complete Common Course requirements
- Play AJGA events and well known statewide and regional tournaments
- During the summer, rising 12th graders should prepare rough drafts of a college application essay and begin working on the - Common Application. 

Grade 12- Fourth year of high school
- July 1st coaches can call prospective student-athletes
- Take official college visits (only five total allowed under NCAA regulations)
- Re-take SAT/ACT or TOEFL to establish higher scores if necessary
- Complete core course requirementsSend official final transcripts upon graduation
- Complete final tasks listed in NCAA Eligibility Center portal
- Play AJGA events and well known statewide and regional tournaments

We are still accepting applications for Fall.  Apply Now.

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