Denmark is Calling!

Denmark is calling! 

Global Junior Golf proudly announces, that in 2017 for the first time the Danish Junior Games will be held at the wonderful and challenging golf club, close to Aalborg. The tournament will be played at Blokhus Golfcenter, which is known for all year top shape  standards. We are happy to introduce Blokhus Golfcenter as the main sponsor of the Danish Junior Games. Mr. Dan Stage is welcoming the juniors around the world, to participate in 2017 and gives us already an insight what to expect: 

GJG: Mr. Stage, first of all we would like to thank you for hosting this wonderful event and would like to welcome you in the GJG family. Please tell us, what can juniors expect at the Danish Junior Games? 
DS: Thank you. We are really looking forward to hosting the tournament. The players can expect a tough course where the wind will come into play, since we are located close to the coast. There are quite a few key holes that need to be dealt with in order to put a good score on the card. 

GJG: Are there any signature holes? What is the toughest tee shot so to say? 
DS: Yes the tee shots on especially the 4th is quite scary if the wind blows and since the hole is quite long most of the players will need to hit their driver. The 14th is a beautiful par 3 hole. Very tight and intimidating but not that long, measuring at 165m. 

GJG: What can the juniors expect of the golf course? What style of golf course? 
DS: It is a parkland course and since it is located close to the sea it has coast like vegetation and trees. 

GJG: Blokhus Golfcenter is a full approach to the golf sport? What is "the must see place" at your facility? 
DS: We have built a 100m2 fitting studio with demo and fitting equipment from all the known brands. 

GJG: Why have you chosen to be part of GJG? 
DS: We really want to help promote junior golf and we are proud of our course and consider it a good test for elite players. We have hosted a smaller junior tournament for the past two years and it was a natural step forward for us. 

GJG: What do you see as most important in Junior Golf? 
DS: To give the players the chance to compete on courses in different parts of the world in a lot of different conditions against a field of international players. It is without doubt the best way for a young player to develop his/her competitive game. 

GJG: The Global Junior Golf members are traveling around the world and are getting cultural influenced. Denmark is a beautiful country and when players are coming to your community, what do they need to visit or try out? 
DS: We have such a beautiful coast line so it is a ”must see” while visiting the area. 

GJG: Now the final and most important question :) ? What will you be expecting as the winning score for girls and boys after three days? 
DS: It all depends on the weather. Under normal conditions with normal wind the winning score will be a few shots under par. With no wind there will be quite a few sub par rounds and if the wind really blows it will be very tough! 

Thank you for your time and we can´t wait to see the juniors teeing off at the Danish Junior Games in 2017!

Learn more about the venue in Denmark at the homepage of Blokhus Golfcenter: 
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