Colombian Junior International 2017

Colombia the hidden secret in Latin America. The Colombian Junior International will have their 3rd edition within the GJG Tour and welcoming the players to the second major of the GJG Tour in 2017! San Andrés Golfclub is one of the most historic golfclubs in Latin America and has emphasized in promoting junior golf for a long time.   
The Colombian Junior International has a history of 26 years, where Tour Stars of nowadays have won in the past, such as Camilo Villegas (Colombia), EmillianoGrillo (Argentina), Lorena Ochoa (Mexico) or Nicole Perott (Chile). A tournament that was founded from a couple of ladies back in 1990 being members of San Andrés Golfclub, originally as a 6 hole event for kids, has become over the past years and after joining forces with the Global Junior Golf Tour to one of the most prestigious junior events (WAGR ranked) in Latin America. 

In 2015 Colombia was able to keep one title within their country and Valery Plata finished their last round with a 66 and a 7 shot lead. In the boys division Ben El Cohn from Ecuador and representing one of the GJG Performance Centers, the Bishops Gate Golf Academy, has shown an outstanding performance and finished the 72hole strokeplay event with 287 shots (-1). 
Results 2016: http://www.globaljuniorgolf.com/gjgdb/liveScoring.php?tournamentid=60&gender=1&ak=all 

GJG Tour players have an absolute tour like setup during the entire week. One of the sponsors,Marriott Bogotá, hosts the international players for 5 free nights, airport shuttle, shuttle to the golf course, an opening ceremony from a Colombian local orchestra is welcoming the players and many more. In order to become a great player, travelling to different venues and play against different cultures is a key aspect. So for all international players, "save the date” 11th – 16th of April 2017 and participate at the only four day WAGR ranked event at GJG and meet the top players from Latin America! Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries GJG has travelled and encountered tour like professional setup!

For more Tournament Info and to register, please click here: http://www.globaljuniorgolf.com/Colombian-Junior-International.html 

Unfortunately Colombia is still seen as a very unsafe country and with this believe people refrain from travelling. We would like to interview the tournament director from the past years and let him introduce Colombia as a country respectively the venue of the tournament. 

GJG: Mr. Kalozdi, the time passes fast and wecan´t believe, that we are already going into the 3rd season with the Colombian Junior International. Over 130 players have teed of in 2016 with the top players of South America. Golf is a growing sport globally and competition can befound everywhere. Please share your thoughts why is it important to come and visit Colombia? 
CK:There are many reasons why it is important to come and visit Colombia. I invite you to visit this web site in order to get your own conclusions. I am sure you will be absolutely convinced that this is a wonderful country and the best option. http://www.procolombia.co/en/colombia-ny-2012/visit-colombia

GJG: As mentioned many people believe Colombia is an unsafe country, please explain your thoughts and also all the logistical details from the airport to the golf course are in place to guarantee an exceptional experience. 
CK:There is no special risk for people who come to Bogotá. Since this is a very big city of about 8 million people, visitors must follow the same safety advices they would follow in another big city. 

GJG: GJG has encountered the Golf Club St. Andres with all it´s hospitality, but what would you say is special of the Colombian culture? 
CK:Colombian people are characterized by their hospitality, kindness and respect for others.  

GJG: Now tell us about the tradition of Golf Club St.Andres and the setup of the golfcourse?
CK:San Andrés Golf Club was founded 70 years ago by a group of English and Colombian men who wanted to practice golf and develop and improve the practice of golf in the city. The spectacular golf course was designed by por Robert Trend Jones Jr, member Of Hall of Fame. It is considered the second best golf course in the country and one of the best in South America.  3. The SAGC also has thet  executive golf course – 9 holes par 3 – in Colombia to home and master golf precision and swing accuracy.  Participants can practice in the 350 yards driving range fully equipped and with certified instructors .The nice climate of the Sabana de Bogotá is the best ally for the development of any event.

GJG: You have some great stars of nowadays teeing up at this event. What have you seen at these players and can you give an advice to the GJG community what values the stars had already at their young age? 
CK: Courage, discipline, determination and willingness to impove every day. 

GJG: How many volunteers contribute to arrange the Colombian Junior International? 
CK: Not to many volunteers. Only eight (8) but very committed to the success of the tournament. 

GJG: What is your goal in year 3 and what can we expect to see from the 11th – 16th of April? 
CK: My goal is to make the Colombian Junior International the best tournament of the Global Junior Golf annual tournaments and you can expect exciment and excellent golf during this years tournament.  

Thank you Mr. Kalozdi for your time and we are looking forward to touch ground on in April 2017 at the airport of Bogota!

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