Another Milestone! Top Venue for 2017 in Sweden! The Swedish Junior Classics...

It is a great honor and another step to promote junior golf internationally. GJG proudly announces that the first time a GJG event will be hosted 2017 in Sweden. Top players from around the world, will have the possibility to participate just nearby Stockholm and encounter the exceptional course at GolfUppsala/Söderby. The course have been host to 7 Nordea Tour events and numerous other big tournaments. Sweden has been known worldwide for a dedicated junior program and just recently proved again with a great number of players making their way from QSchool onto the European Tour how successful the country is. It will be very special to see, who will be claiming the first title in 2017 and making history. „Fasten your seatbelts and be ready for low scoring",  the Swedish Junior Classics hosted by GolfUppsala will be played from the 3rd to the 6th of August

The Swedish Junior Classics will be a co-sanctioned tournament of the 21golfleague (age 21 & younger) and the GJG Tour (18 & younger). The goal of GJG is to give juniors across the world the chance to compete at a challenging venues, have a tour like logistical setup and travel to multiple cultures. So as any other world wide event of GJG, the Swedish Junior Classics will be a U18 qualifier ( the GJG Tour category) for the Grand Final, the Greg Norman Academy Junior Invitational.

At this event only winners of a GJG Tour event and top 2 nation picks are eligible to play. Preparation starts now and let´s see who will be earning the ticket for 2017. For more information where GJG will be hosting events in 2017, please visit: Partners and volunteers are the key facts, for establishing events. GJG would like to thank the Managing Director of GolfUppsala, Mr. Jonas Ekström for all his efforts and hosting the Swedish Junior Classics for the first time. So let´s look behind the scenes and Mr. Ekström will share his thoughts in an interview. 

GJG: Mr. Ekström, great to have you in the GJG family. Well, „Sweden and Golf", had just sounds like a perfect fit. Please give us first of all, a quick insight why we see so many female and male players on professional tours? What do you think isthe spirit and culture behind it? 
JE: I think that Sweden compared to many other countries was very keen to promote golf as a family sport and gave Swedish juniors a lot of possibilities to play and practice golf at a very low cost. This combined with a very focused effort from the Swedish federation to promote junior golf on all levels have bee very valuable and are now showing results. 

GJG: We believe giving juniors a tour like setup, will give them a great opportunity to work and establish their game. GolfUppsala has hosted in the past years numerous of high-class events, such as a Nordea Tour event for instance. What will the players encounter or what is your goal with the Swedish Junior Classics? 
JE: We will try our best to give the junior players the same setup and feel as if they were playing in a "Nordea Tour” event. This is something I think GJG have been very successful with on the other European tournaments I have visited. 

GJG: Speed of greens, dry or receptive, that is always what players will most likely take back home and talk about. How will be the preparations and how should be the putter gauged? 
JE: If the weather is as we are hoping we will give the players a quite long and tough course with extremely fast greens, hopefully around 12-13 on the stimpmeter   

GJG: Looking at the course, a lot of water and Parkland style is to expect. Which is the hole or swing of holes, defining the loss or win. Where need to players to be patient? 
JE: We have some really difficult holes for example no 3 wich is a long par 4 with OB on the left and water on the right and a raised green guarded by water and bunkers, but we also have some good birdie opportunities with some driveable par 4s 

GJG: Will it be a long hitter course or is some skill around the greens needed? 
JE: The really long hitters can find some holes were they will hit the greens or be very close but they still need to putt really well to score. 

GJG: Mr. Ekström, in 2015 and this year you have had a chance to get a feeling what GJG is about and travelled to some events. Why you have chosen to be part of the family? 
JE: As I mentioned earlier I thing that GJG makes a fantastic job to give young and upcoming players a chance to test their skills on international "Tourlevel” facilities and compare themselves against the best players from other countries. We would like to help you to do the same here in Sweden as best as we can. 

GJG: What course record is to beat for girls and boys? JE: The course record for boys is 65 (-8) from the backtees and 71 (-2) for girls from their competitiontee One last question, what do the players need to see when they are at GolfUppsala? Or do they need to see a special place around the area? 
JE: There is some really nice places around Uppsala and we are only one hour away from Stockholm so there I plenty to see apart from the golf. Uppsala is the old Vikingcapital of Sweden so we have a long history and also one of the oldest universities in the world  Once again we would like to thank your team and all your volunteers for hosting the first Swedish Junior Classics.

We can´t wait to see everyone in August and see some great golf at GolfUppsala!
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