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México ...aqui vamos!

Interview with the Tournament Director, Mr. Roberto Hernandez, of the Latin American Junior Classics

Round 1 of the Grand Final has started!!!

What an impressive start on day 1 of the Greg Norman Academy Junior Invitational, the Grand Final of Global Junior Golf. Martin Leon (Chile), Wilco Nienhaber (South Affrica; two time Global Junior Golf winner 2017), Benjamin Saiz-Wenz (Chile), Christian…

Interview with Mr. Hugo Pinheiro - Penha Longa Golf Resort

The Portuguese Intercollegiate Open are returning to Penha Longa Golf Resort! The season 2018 of Global Junior Golf kicks off just 30 min away from Lisbon at the precicious Penha Longa Golf Resort. Players have the chance once again to start there where…

The Portuguese Intercollegiate Open 2018

The Global Junior Golf season 2018 kicks off in Europe not far away from Lisbon, Portugal. The Penha Longa Golf resort open the gates and welcomes the players on the Atlantic Championship Course for the second consecutive year...