We officially announce the partnership between FlightScope and Global Junior Golf. 

flightscope.comThe partnership offers participants at each GJGTour and 21golfleague event improve their game at the highest level and get instant feedback and references throughout the season. 

Each practice round day of an event will be the official „FlightScope Day" and juniors can get tested. 

What is it about?

  • each player will have the chance to walk trough a short test on the range of each venue and compete against the other players 
  • 3 shots per task will be taken at 75m, 150m and a driver
  • a score will be equated and put in an annual ranking in a girls and boys category
  • the test can be retaken at each event and always the best score will be published in the ranking
  • you are more than welcome to practice these distance at your home course in preparation for the skills testing at the events you play.
  • the leader in each category after the Evolve Spanish Junior Championship in 2016 (so after one year) will get a free launch monitor to train over the winter in 2016
  • your score will be uploaded in your GJG membership account and made available for the university coaches to get more information about each player
  • You will also have direct access to the data after you have created an account on www.myflightscope.com

Get started now and get numbers like a real „Tour Player".  
How to get started?

Visit www.myflightscope.com !!! 

Under register, fill in name and password to create your own unique log in details. Or use Facebook using the link provided.
Once you are logged in, click your name in the upper right hand corner and click settings. A new page will appear.

Please print your QR code or take a picture with your cell phone and bring to the next GJG event you plan on playing.
On the range there will be a FLIGHTSCOPE SKILLS test area.

We will add you to the test and collect your data. The data is also shared to YOUR account for future use or sharing with your coach or instructor etc.
The more you use FlightScope while logged into your account the more data is collected onto your dashboard.

More about FlightScope: flightscope.com


Flightscope Leaderboard

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