ClubseriesThis is a series of tournaments at golf club level (internal/open junior tournaments), which take place throughout Germany. The CLUBSERIES powered by US Kids Golf is also a qualification platform, in order to attend GJG Tour events, if you not meet the tournament eligibilities (e.g. RB German Junior and the Greg Norman Academy Junior Invitational). 

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UPDATE für 2016

  1. How does the CLUBSERIES Ranking works? First of all you need to register as a CLUBSERIES member trough the following link:
  2. After you have registered all gathered points at a CLUBSERIES tournament, will be implemented in the Ranking of your age class. Age class 1 (6-10), age class 2 (11-14) und age class 3 (15-19)
  3. Signing in 6 Registration for a tournament will be at the respective Golf Club. 

How do I gather points?

There are 3 different categories of tournaments. Your Ranking will count the best 5 scores overall over the year:

Category Number of player in the Brutto list Total points Point Info
A 0 - 15 10 Winner 5 points
Second 3 points
Third 2 points
B 16 - 30 25 Winner 11 points
Second 7 points
Third 4 points
Fourth 2 points
Fifth 1 points
C 31 & plus 50* Winner 20 points
Secomd 12 points
Third 7 points
Fourth 5 points
Fifth 3 points
Sixth 2 points
Seventh 1 points
*tournaments of the U.S. Kids Golfmasters will receive the double of points

Ranking powered by European Golf Rankings


Clubseries – Prices at a glance

Age Class 1&2 (Boys&Girls separate) from the final 2016 CLUBSERIES Ranking qualify for:

World Championship – Winner
Teen World Championship – Winner
European Championship – Winner & Second
Venice Open – Winnner, Second & Third 

The Title Sponsor US Kids Golf
Since 2005 US Kids Golf is distributed by ORGAHEAD Golfsport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This year the Netherlands and Italy were added to the distribtution US Kids Golf Equipment is extraordinary in relationship of shaft frequency to lenth and  special clubhead weight. US Kids Golf actually offers nine sizes of Ultralight Series, made for the beginners in golf. For more ambitioned players, five Tour Series sizes in high-tech materials by keeping all the benefits of the U.S. Kids Golf fitting philosophy. As a Co-Sponser of the CLUBSERIES ORGAHEAD Golfsport is looking forward to motivate kids and teens for game of golf.

Contact of Title Sponsor:
Kurt-Fischer-Str. 35, 22926 Ahrensburg

US Kids Fitting Center (Germany):  

Golfclub Freiburg e.V.
OPEN.9 Golf Eichenried GmbH & Co. KG
Kölner Golfclub
Mainzer Golfclub GmbH & Co. KG
Golfclub Hannover e.V.
Golf-Club Falkenstein
Golfclub Schloss Egmating
Hartl Golfresort
Golfpark Klopeinersee
Golfpark Mieming
Diamond Country Club
Club Align Fitting Center, Saarbrücken 

Demnächst auch in der Schweiz !


GC Bremen zur Vahr GC Kürten
Golfclub Heidelberg-Lobenfeld
Golfclub Syke e. V.
Golf Club Paderborner Land
Golfclub Lutzhorn e.V. Berliner Golfclub Stolperheide e.V.
Golfpark Klopeinersee Golf-Club Heilbronn-Hohenlohe e.V. GC Mannheim Viernheim
Golfpark Klopeinersee Golf-Club Heilbronn-Hohenlohe e.V.
Golfpark Klopeinersee Jugendcup